Flight Operations


Atkinson Flying Services is veteran-owned, and our pilots are former Marine Corps aviators and combat veterans with decades of experience, as well as thousands of flight hours.

We currently operate a Piper Seneca II from the Tappahannock-Essex County Airport. This unique location is surrounded by some of the country’s most influential cities and business centers.

As an FAA-certified passenger and cargo air carrier, we provide on demand aircraft operations to all the United States.  We also are available for special purpose flights, such as system demonstration for manned and unmanned aerial capabilities, test range chase or other support functions.

Services we provide:

Passenger Services

Comfortable, convenient safe…Beat the traffic, airport lines and stress. Let us fly you to your destination on your schedule, at a price that is competitive with the major airlines. Custom getaways with no baggage fees or lost luggage!

Cargo Services

Atkinson can deliver your goods where you need them, on-time and on budget. Special handling is available at an affordable rate, whether your cargo consists of fragile valuables or bulky boxes.

Precision Agriculture & Photogrammetry

Atkinson provides aerial imagery and develops products for use in Precision Agriculture, using conventional RGB electro-optics and Near Infra red sensors. Our products are useful to land managers and developers, city planners, environmental consultants, forestry and lumber, vineyards and any other industry that requires current, high-resolution aerial imagery.

Specialized Test and Evaluation

Our aircraft is available for airborne sensor and system testing.   Atkinson’s team has experience in uniform and as civilians supporting various sensor evaluations and can cater our flight profile for a wide-range of test objectives.

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