Modern Air Combat Environment

Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) User training.

Initial install and basic user training for entry level users

–Load and establish training framework with required map and elevation data

–Overview of MACE capabilities and mission building

–Training on the specialization and modification of MACE entities.

–Training to display User’s mission environment in BSI’s 3D ARMOR Viewing software.

–Everything a user needs to maximize this unique simulation capability

Specific mission skills training and scenario development

–Extensive Training on Mission Object Configuration Tool and entity creation.

–Scripting entities to meet mission requirement for performance and observation.

–Build specific missions to be used to train students of RPA, Joint Fires, EW, etc

–Everything a user needs to maximize the extensive training and simulation framework.

MACE Electronic Warfare specialization

–Covers basic to intermediate unclassified EW curriculum and courseware.

–Learn how to build and analyze EW components (RADARs, Jammers, Radio network exploitation, etc)

–Use MACE’s extensive RF analysis capabilities to help visualize training components.

–Build and run Aviation EW simulations against real world threats.

MACE Plug-in development (framework Extensions)

–Plug ins add user interface and capability deep processing power inherent to the MACE Framework

–Create and personalize software extensions that help MACE meet users needs.

–Use our software engineers and tactical knowledge to modify or enhance specific capabilities within MACE.

–Plug-ins ideas are limitless but some of ours include RADAR jammer control interface, SAM emitter simulator, and other purpose-built displays.