Marc Magram


Marc Magram is the President of Atkinson Aeronautics & Technology whose focus is providing solutions to complex problems in the areas of engineering, logistics, program management, and aviation. As President, Marc is responsible for leading the Atkinson team to meet and exceed client requirements and ensures Atkinson Team members have the opportunities to excel in their professional careers. Marc joined Atkinson in the summer of 2010 supporting Navy/Marine Corps Electronic Warfare programs and acting as a conduit to the joint community. Prior to working at Atkinson Marc served over 25 years in the U.S. Marine Corps in a variety of aviation communities. Serving first as an Air Support Control Officer, he later flew the A-6E Intruder and EA-6B Prowler aircraft. He held command of an EA-6B squadron and Directed and led the re-introduction of the Joint Electronic Warfare Center in San Antonio, Texas. Marc believes in being a valued asset to the clients Atkinson serves and ensures hard work, quality, integrity and innovation are associated with the Atkinson brand.

Other Personnel

Jim Atkinson

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Zaorski

Executive Vice President

Keith Peterson

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Eric Toia

Director of Maintenance