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Professional EW Course Offering!

8-11 March 2022 (08:30 – 16:00)
San Antonio, Texas

EW101: Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Warfare (EW)

EW101 is a concepts-driven, four-day, introductory course to EW, with theory presented with minimal mathematics. This is an ideal course for those new to Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO), supporting EMSO (software development / marketing / management), or those returning to EW requiring a short refresher on key topics. The course includes lecture, practical exercises, and a virtual Modern Air Combat Environment EW battlespace to reinforce the topics presented, which include (but are not limited to):

  • EW Terms and Definitions
  • Key Radar System Theory for EW
  • Radar Types / Functions / Displays
  • Phased Array Antenna Systems
  • RF Propagation / Environmental Impacts
  • EW Receiver System Basics
  • EW Jamming System Basics
  • Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS)
  • Modern Radar Development Trends

Enrollment Fee: $2,095 per student

Enrollment cutoff date: 2 Mar 2022

For payment information and to register, please download and complete this form and email it to

For more information about the course, contact or via phone 210-899-1859

NOTE: COVID Protection Measures in effect until further notice – Masks are required for all unvaccinated participants. 6ft seat separation in classroom. All classrooms disinfected daily with peracetic spray.

About Atkinson Aeronautics’ Instructors

John Thurman: 30 years as US Marine Corps. Combat experienced EA-6B Prowler Electronic Countermeasures Officer and EW Instructor. 6 years experience as senior systems analyst in DoD EMSO programs.

Joseph Brooks: 36 years of engineering and systems engineering experience in EW programs. Former director of the Electronic Systems Lab and Optics, & Systems Directorate for a major research institute.

Vincent Carr:  20 years US Air Force. RC-135 Rivet Joint Electronic Warfare Officer. Weapons & Tactics Instructor.

Gary Henley: 30 years US Air Force. RC-135 Cobra Ball and B052 Electronic Warfare Officer. Intelligence Officer. EW Instructor.

Martin Broadwell: 25 years systems engineering experience in military avionics systems. Former Program Director and Instructor for master program in applied systems engineering for a major research institute. Former Director of Lockheed Martin’s C-5 Avionics Modernization Program and Director of Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Mission Software.

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